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Outer cover for BUMI Pillow

21,00 €

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Anti-suffocation 1
Antibacterial and Anti-dust mites 1
Antibacterial and Anti-dust mites
Latex Free 1
Latex Free

BUMI’s Pillow outer cover is made of breathable 3D fabric, giving it anti-suffocation characteristics. This washable fabric contains a thin, waterproof, breathable and stretchy film that prevents liquids from penetrating the foam. With antibacterial treatment, which is wash resistant, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of odors, maintaining freshness over time.

Description 1
Instructions for use and Maintainance

Instructions for use

This outer cover was specially designed to accomplish all the necessary requirements for its destiny function, do not use any other kind of cover to replace the outer cover for baby’s head shaping pillow BUMI.

Do not use the pillow without the outer cover.

Use the outer cover for the match pillow size.

Wash the outer cover before fist use.


Instructions for cleaning

The outer cover should be cleaned by following washing instructions found on the label.