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What is the BUMI Pillow?
The BUMI Pillow is a Medical Device designed to prevent and correct the baby's cranial deformities during the first months of life.
Why is BUMI effective?
The effectiveness of the BUMI Pillow is due to a combination of characteristics that ensure proper positioning of the body and reduce the pressure on the baby's skull, helping in the correction and prevention of cranial deformities such as Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Scaphocephaly.
The BUMI Pillow has a central cavity that maximizes the support surface, reducing and evenly distributing the pressure that is exerted on the baby's head (the principal cause of cranial deformities) in the supine position (belly up).
Ergonomic and anatomically shaped, the Softfeel polyurethane foam adapts to the baby's head shape and allows freedom of movement and rotation of the head, strengthening the neck muscles and favoring the recovery of its rounded shape.
Is the BUMI Pillow a safe product?
Yes. The safety of babies is fundamental in the process of developing BUMI products. Thus, in addition to being careful in choosing the materials that compose it, the BUMI Pillow is a Class I Medical Device and comply essential requirements established at Annex I of the Directive 93/42/EEC of 14th June, in its actual redaction of Law-Decree nr. 145/2009 of 17th June, which apply to it.
Can my baby use the BUMI Pillow to sleep?
Yes, the BUMI Pillow was developed for use when the baby is lying down, especially while sleeping, even favoring the baby's sleep.
The Softfeel foam with anatomical configuration ensures proper positioning of the baby, allowing freedom of movement and rotation of the head, facilitating breathing, and helping the baby to sleep better.
General medical recommendations that babies should not sleep with pillows or objects around them based on the risk of suffocation that these objects may represent. The BUMI's Pillow outer cover is made of breathable 3D fabric that promotes air circulation and allows the baby to breathe, giving it anti-suffocation characteristics for when the baby turns against the pillow. However, the baby should be lying in a supine position (belly up).
Can my baby sleep on his side on the pillow?
The recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organization) is that the baby should sleep in the supine position (belly up) to avoid Sudden Death Syndrome. The development of BUMI Pillow had this recommendation in mind, and its design with the flat base, the central cavity for fitting the head, and the cervical supporting allow freedom of movement and rotation of the head, essential for musculoskeletal strengthening. It favors the correct positioning of the whole body of the baby, who will be able to sleep with his head on his side (you should watch him and ensure that he alternates the side), but always in a supine position.
How should I use the BUMI Pillow?
For the use to be effective, place the baby on the BUMI Pillow in a supine position (belly up), positioning the head centered in the cavity and aligning the shoulders with the straight part of the pillow. Use it whenever the baby is lying down (crib, playground, cot, stroller, etc.). Do not use the BUMI Pillow without the cover, nor place the baby's face against the pillow.
Always follow the instructions for use and maintenance provided with the BUMI Pillow.
At what age can I use the BUMI Pillow on my baby? And up to what age can you use it?
The BUMI Pillow is available in two sizes, S and M, and can be used preventively from birth (even in the case of a premature baby).
Depending on the age at which the baby starts using the BUMI Pillow, and the signs of deformities that it may already present, it may have a preventive or corrective action (when combined with a treatment prescribed by health professionals). To obtain the best results, it is recommended to use the pillow preventively, from birth, and should be used during the first six months of life, when there is a greater growth of the head and the infant's skull is not very rigid and it has great plasticity and is therefore also more subject to the appearance of deformities.
The BUMI Pillow, in size M, can be used until the baby's height is adequate to it, and its use in the prevention or correction aspect can be effective until the cranial fontanelles close.
My baby is six months old and has Plagiocephaly. Can the BUMI® Pillow correct it?
Cranial deformities can appear throughout the baby's first year of life, especially in the first four months. Until the fontanelles close, there is always the possibility of correcting plagiocephaly. However, after the sixth month, the head grows more slowly, so the improvement from that age may be slower, and the results may be less effective.
Although the BUMI® Pillow was designed to prevent and correct cranial deformities, the correction of these pathologies is conditioned to several factors such as the severity of the asymmetry, the cranial morphology, the age, and the skull growth rate, or the correct use of the product.
In the case of correction of a cranial deformity, the use of the BUMI® Pillow must be combined with a treatment plan prescribed by a health professional who monitors the evolution of the disease.
My baby has scaphocephaly. Can it use the BUMI Pillow?
The BUMI Pillow has proven to be equally effective in the treatment of Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Scaphocephaly.
Where is the BUMI Pillow produced?
The BUMI Pillow is entirely developed and produced in Portugal, according to the NP ISO 9001 Quality standard, and under strict quality control.
How do I choose the most suitable pillow size for my baby, and why is size important?
The BUMI Pillow is available in 2 sizes. For babies with up to 3 months, with a head circumference of up to 42 cm, we recommend the use of S size. M size is recommended for babies with a head circumference greater than 40 cm, which is usually for 3 months or older.
To choose the size of the pillow, you must first consider the head circumference and then the baby's age. For the results to be effective, and to achieve the desired pressure-relieving effect, the size of the pillow must be appropriate for the growth of the baby so that it also provides a correct rest of the cervical area.
My baby is less than 3 months old and has a head circumference of 39 cm. Can I use size M now?
In this case, we recommend that it uses the S size because the baby's cervical area may not yet be fully developed, therefore so that M size provides adequate comfort.
What material is the BUMI® Pillow made with?
The BUMI® Pillow is made of Softfeel polyurethane foam, which distributes the weight evenly over the entire surface, and maintains the shape throughout its useful life.
The outer cover, removable and washable, is made of breathable 3D fabric, which promotes air circulation and allows the baby to breathe, giving it anti-suffocation characteristics. This fabric contains an extremely thin, waterproof, breathable, and extensible film inside, which prevents liquids from entering the foam. It has antibacterial and anti-mite treatment, which guarantees the hygienic protection of the fabric in direct contact with the skin. This treatment is resistant to washing, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of odors, maintaining freshness over time.
Where can I buy the products?
You can buy directly on this website under "Products" in the top menu. If you are in Portugal, you can also search in our various points of sale (Pharmacies and Orthopedics Stores).